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Anne Marie is a Prescott Valley, Arizona native running for the Republican nomination for the United States Congress in Arizona's 4th District. Her roots in this district run deep. Anne Marie grew up in Prescott Valley and spent her childhood riding horses, hiking, shooting, and exploring the mountains and deserts of Arizona. She is now raising her two children in Prescott with her husband, Robert, a Bullhead City, Arizona native. She holds a Master’s in Education and a PhD in Leadership. 

Anne Marie was a middle school math teacher who went on to start a company that helped small businesses grow and plan for the future. She then worked in the United States Senate. Her background in education, business, and government, inspired her to serve her community. 

Anne Marie comes from a long line of patriots. Her family fought in the Revolutionary War, her grandfather helped build air bases during World War II, and her father served as a paratrooper for six years during the Vietnam era. 

Anne Marie believes we are facing difficult times in the U.S. with our out-of-control deficit, the rise of radical socialism in our national politics, and a greater than ever disconnect between our representatives and “We the People.” She’s running for Congress because she believes Americans must take back control of our government, rid ourselves of career politicians, and fight for our Great American Legacy that our Founders and the Greatest Generation fought for.

Anne Marie Ward